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Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Gandhi

About Us

The seed for Bigger Conversations was planted when Barbara was in Calcutta, India, volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity.  Mother Teresa told volunteers to bear witness to the work being done in the missions, help where we could, and then go home and do the same in our communities.  Caring for one another enriches our communities and nourishes the heart of both giver and receiver.


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Barbara Catlin, Executive Director

  • Holds a Masters degree in Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, Columbia, MD and a BA from the University of Maryland.
  • Maintains an acupuncture and healing arts practice in Columbia, MD.
  • Serves on the Howard County Commission on Aging, Howard County, MD.
  • Created and teaches the Caregiver Wellness Circles®, for family and professional caregivers.
  • Offers classes on conscious living & dying, aging & elderhood, comfort touch, mindfulness meditation, human development and acupuncture.
  • Served as a hospice volunteer for more than 20 years with hospices in Maryland.
  • By invitation, attended the White House Briefing on Older Americans and Their Caregivers in 2015.
  • By invitation, attended the White House Leardership Conference in 2011.
  • Taught at Tai Sophia Institute in Columbia and Laurel, MD for 15 years.
  • Served on the Howard County Board of Health, Howard County, MD.
  • Served on the Howard County Office on Aging, Commission on Aging.
  • Says the most important lessons are not learned in the classroom.
  • Relies on the beauty of nature to restore her spirit.

Ms. Catlin is available for speaking engagements.


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Mark Catlin.   Barbara lives and plays in the world with her husband, Mark. Without his remarkable skills, knowledge and support, Bigger Conversations simply would not be what it is.

Our logo is a Tibetan chakra symbol. Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit and it refers to seven energy centers which make up our consciousness. The chakras represent a sacred map that guides our access to: greater stability and trust; vitality and purpose; compassion and open-hearted living; community and creativity; clear perception; and wisdom.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Nov 10

Open to All. Join us for a day of reflection & transformation. Bring your sorrow and fears, your hope and joy. All of it is grist for the mill.


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Apr 03

The words we speak affect our body, mind, and spirit. What we think and say creates our world and impacts how we interact with the world-at-large. What are your stories on living and dying? Join us for candid conversations on aging and elderhood.


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Mar 24

A Class for Acupuncturists. Examine how acupuncture treatment can positively influence the dying process. Patients facing death often do deep transformational and healing work. Others may be searching for a way to create a whole cloth out of their living. As acupuncturists, we are uniquely trained to help patients with this depth work.    The class draws […]


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