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The Grandmothers Project


Gatherings in 2016 are listed below.  The Grandmothers’ Project started with a “Call to Grandmothers & Women Who Care about the Children” —  a call to gather for a day of non-denominational prayer, meditation, and conversation about the urgent need to treat the children of the world with compassion, dignity and respect.  Our initial gathering was held at Bon Secours Retreat Center on September 6, 2014.

The Ministry of the Grandmothers’ Coat commenced in Germany in Fall 2014, and directly grew from it’s connection to the September 6th gathering of grandmothers.  (More on the history of the Grandmothers’ Coat will be posted soon.)

The Grandmothers Project will host two events in 2016.

  • The first event is the second gathering of “Grandmothers & Women Who Care” and grandchildren, to see and share in the ministry of the Grandmother’s Coat.  This ministry grew out of the Gathering of Grandmothers held at Bon Secours on 9/6/14. (Fall 2016, date & location tba)
  • The second event is a “Call to Grandmothers & Grandothers” to participate in a day of reflection and prayer this autumn, with a focus on the US national elections and the voters’ hearts.  (Date & location tba)

Check back in July 2016 for more information.




Grandmothers Comfort

by Catherine Nagy Mowry

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